Case Study: How we doubled traffic and conversions for "ERP Software"  for our B2B software reviews client.

Campaign Highlights

  • 99% increase in site visitors in six months
  • 100% increase in conversions in six months
  • We powered this campaign via 60 links with an average MOZ domain authority of 59

Strategy: Contextual Links in High Domain Authority Publications

We started working with a software reviews company client in March, 2019. They had  recently lost around 50% of their organic traffic, which directly impacted their bottom line. They knew they needed to do something “extra” beyond just publishing great content (which they were already doing) in order to move ahead of their competitors in the tight B2B software niche.

When we started working with this client they already had a few hundred backlinks to their website, but the average Domain Authority was low, as were the overall quality of the links.

Interested in having us run a link building campaign for your website? Contact us today for a free quote! We have years of experience procuring contextual links for websites in a variety of industries.

What We Did

Over the next 6 months, we built 60 high authority links with an average domain authority of 59, leveraging our relationships at high-authority publications. These are situations where we have relationships with either journalists and publishers at top publications, relationships we've spent years to build.

If you don’t have very “linkable”content on your site, don’t worry! Our talented writers can help you create search optimized, engaging content for bloggers to link to.

Here's a sampling of just some of the 60 domains we were able to bring in links from:

Prospect link targets

The Results

We were able to show a 2x increase in both traffic and conversions (revenue) for all ERP-related traffic over a six-month period.

The return on investment for this campaign was over 8x.

Google Analytics Results:

    Wait for them to take effect

    -Doubling of visitors from organic search in just 6 months
    -Doubling of conversions in same time period
    -Improved visitor quality, shown by decreased bounce rate, increased pages/session and session duration

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