Client Results

Gravity Supply Chain is a Software as a Service company based in Hong Kong that helps logistics providers offer more visibility and control into their supply chain.

Gravity started working with us in April 2017. By June, we had hit full stride on the campaign. Because of Gravity's strong value proposition and well defined target prospect, we were able to get results very quickly. In fact, she had so many leads one month that she needed to pause the campaign in order to work on closing them!

Leads per month over the first three months of campaign:
"This has generated more leads for us than all of our other marketing channels - keep it up!!"
Stephanie Johnson, VP Growth & Marketing, Gravity Supply Chain

Wilkins Media is a billboard and experiential advertising specialist based in New York. They are one of the leading companies in the space, and provide hundreds of advertising agencies with outsourced "out of home" advertising capability.

Wilkins started working with us in mid-2015, and since then have paid back their marketing investment many times over in new profit as a result of lead generation services. Two years later, they continue to be a happy client of ours.

Key campaign numbers:
  • 3 new deals closed
  • 100k+ in new revenues
  • 8 to 1 return on investment
"Of all the marketing activities we've tried (content marketing, paid ads, etc.) this one has provided the best ROI by a wide margin. We made enough money on a couple of the deals to pay for this service many times over, and will continue to use it. For anyone running a b2b company, this is a no-brainer."”
Jon Selame, CEO, Wilkins Media

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