Case Study: How we increased a regional bank's web traffic by 86% in one year

Campaign Highlights

  • 86% increase in clicks
  • 74% increase in inbound leads (form fills)
  • 47% improvement in search rankings across all relevant keywords

Strategy: Guest Post Campaign Linking to Existing Content

When we started working with Oak Bank they had a decent online presence, but we saw considerable room for improvement. Our overall strategy was to increase website traffic and new website form fills through a content overhaul and targeted content promotion.

Step 1: Assess Client's Existing Content

The first thing we did was to analyze existing content on the client's site to see what was "link worthy." Unfortunately, none of this client's existing content was what we consider good enough to promote.

Step 2: Create Content Plan & Execute

Working together, we created a content strategy that:

  • Positions them as a friendly neighborhood banker, as opposed to just another faceless "megabank"
  • Emphasizes their deep ties to the Chicago community
  • Educates prospects on financial health and best practices
  • Strategically targets keywords that we believed would drive relevant traffic

Step 3: Pitch our Best Content to Relevant Blogs & Websites

We identified 100 local websites and blogs that catered to their target customers such as Curbed Chicago, a local real estate blog, and pitched our client's content best content so they could share it with their readers. This resulted not only in thousands of hits from direct traffic, but in a 47% improvement in the bank's search rankings for a range of terms.

Wait for them to take effect

The Results

Year over year website visits were up 86% and continue to show an upward trend:

    Wait for them to take effect

    Through our efforts we generated improvements in a range of metrics:

    Wait for them to take effect

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