Option 2: we perform cold outreach to new websites on your behalf

Key details

  • 4-month minimum term required, as it takes time to find and pitch new sites!
  • This will primarily be new guest posts that link to your content, though occasionally we find other link opportunities as well.
  • Site quality, traffic volume and domain authorities will vary, but overall quality will be high. Average Moz Domain Authority will fall in the mid-40s.
  • 4-week turnaround time on average once we've identified and pitched a publication/blog

Example case study

We developed a relationship with a content marketing agency working on behalf of a B2B SaaS startup in the supply chain management space. This agency was creating stellar content for the startup on their website, but wasn’t effectively promoting the content off the website, limiting its effectiveness.

Engagement Goals

Objective: Build influence, boost traffic, and earn great backlinks to help the client to improve website domain authority.

Strategy: Leverage their existing content to identify and land guest post opportunities in top industry publications.

1) Identify a well-regarded publication within our network of existing relationships, sustainablebrands.com, with a domain authority of 62, >100k monthly visitors and 70% search traffic (high search traffic is an indicator of a good quality website!)

3) Work with client's content team to create a guest post that positions them as an expert in their field, and get it published.

4) Repeat on 4-6 industry-leading publications each month for an 8-month period.

what this looks like

Wait for them to take effect


  • 23% increase in domain authority over 8 months
  • 23% increase in domain authority over 8 months
  • Earned "expert contributor" status on multiple industry publications, allowing the CEO to publish articles on an ongoing basis, further boosting company visibility and expert positioning

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