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Spending over 4 years helping companies with content marketing, I learned a lot. One recurring theme I witnessed over these years was that companies were sorely lacking a good quality system for building white hat backlinks, the most important activity when it comes to growing organic traffic. Sure, companies published articles sporadically that got links here and there, but very few had consistent link building programs in place. 

After digging a bit deeper into why this is the case while doing link building for our own clients, the reason became clear: it’s very hard to build good quality links consistently and at scale. Even most of the SEO agencies these companies hired didn’t want to bother with it, despite it being arguably the most important part of SEO!

In mid-2017, after speaking to dozens of digital marketing managers and CEOs, we recognized the dearth of options in this niche and decided to discontinue all other content marketing services (blogging, email marketing, social media, etc.). Instead, we opted go all in on helping companies do link building in a repeatable, ethical manner that builds traffic without risking any trouble with search engine penalties. 

We ultimately decided that it was better to be great at one thing (a thing that companies needed lots of help with) than pretty good at a few things. By focusing on one service, white hat link building, we could build best-in-class processes and also allow for lower costs for our clients. 

It was a challenging process and tough to say goodbye to our existing non-link building clients, but we rebuilt our business from the ground up as a link building agency. We assembled a new team of link building experts, learned from the best in the field, and created our own highly structured and systematic approach to link building — one that we are constantly improving. 

Since then, we have helped companies ranging from startups to well established brands such as SEMrush with their link building efforts, acting as an extension of their internal marketing team, and we look forward to continued growth and improvement in the years to come. 

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