Case Study: How we drove an 800% increase in traffic and 700% increase in leads for a SaaS company within 11 months

Who are they and what problem did they want to solve? 

The client is an Australian SaaS startup that helps businesses create sexy looking proposals with ease. As a new company, their organic traffic was low and were not generating many leads.

Specifically, they were frustrated by the lack of new leads coming to their “business proposal template” page.

For the term “business proposal template” they ranked in the 30s, which wasn’t high enough to bring in a meaningful number of website visits or conversions. There were a number of well-funded competitors who had seemingly cornered the market on this and related search terms.

They knew that backlinks were a crucial piece of the SEO puzzle, but didn’t have a plan in place to gain new backlinks in a consistent, high-quality way.

How we proposed solving this problem

Based on our analysis of the competitive situation, we were confident that a high-quality link building program would dramatically increase traffic and conversions, as well as their rankings on a range of search terms.

Even though some of their competitors had many more links (some in the thousands, even), we saw that those links were mostly low-quality, and we knew we could outrank many of their competitors by bringing in just 50-60 high-quality, high-authority links.

We recommended that they allow us to build them a steady flow of high-quality backlinks from business, tech, and entrepreneurship-related websites at a clip of 10 links per-month.

Our goals for this campaign were ambitious:

  • Grow organic search traffic to their desired landing page by 5x within one year
  • Grow the number of new leads per-month by 5x within one year
  • Create a 4x increase in # of keywords ranking in top 100 for this page
  • Go from 30-something to top 10 for their primary search term, "business proposal template"

What we did

Using a mix of our existing relationships with publications and outreach to new publications, we built 10 high-quality, relevant links per month to our client’s website - specifically to the business proposal template page.

Here’s an example of the links we built in the first few months. These links were contextual, permanent links, within articles on third party publications, that referenced our client and their business proposal template in a way that added value to an article.

Prospect link targets

What were the results? 

3 months in:

By the 3-month mark, we were already seeing considerable improvement in both organic traffic and number of keywords for which this page ranks in the top 100. What we were doing was clearly working, so we just kept on chugging.

    Wait for them to take effect

    6 months in:

    By the 6-month mark we had built 60 high-quality backlinks. As a result, the number new users from organic traffic had increased by 170%, and conversions were up over 4x. We were already close to our goal of 5X-ing conversions in just 6 months!

    Wait for them to take effect

    11 months in:

    By the 11-month mark, we have already exceeded most of our 12-month goals:

    Wait for them to take effect
    • Traffic is up by 800% (our goal was 500%!)
    • New leads per-month have increased by 700% (our goal was 500%!)
    • # of top-100 ranking keywords went from 200 to 650 (our goal was to 4x this, so we're a bit short of our goal here but still very happy with this)
    • Went from 30-something to top 10 for their primary search term, "business proposal template"

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