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We provide two services:

Done-for-you link building

Great fit for companies who already know what keywords they want to rank for, have on-page SEO optimized, and are now looking for a steady flow of great quality backlinks to boost their domain authority.

Organic growth roadmap

Great fit for companies who want to establish (or get a second opinion on) their organic digital marketing strategy before investing in any outsourced marketing programs.

Done-for-you link building

Our approach to link building is content marketing-oriented. We acquire links by writing thoughtful content that references (and links to) your website, then pitching that content to relevant publications within the finance and business verticals with whom we have established working relationships. When the content is accepted and published, you get high-quality, in-content, editorial links on publications with active readership followings.

Pricing for done-for-you link building

We measure the value of our link building efforts on a scale based on Moz's "Domain Authority" metric. Here's our pricing structure, along with examples for each.

The pricing includes complete content ideation, creation, and publication. If we fail to acquire any of the placements, you get your money back or a replacement of equal or greater value – whichever option you prefer. Pricing is for one link. There is no minimum time commitment or spend required.

Organic Growth Roadmap - $895

We assess your current situation as it pertains to organic search traffic and craft a 12-month roadmap that provides recommendations on how to rank higher on search engines for relevant terms and bring you more quality leads each month.

The deliverable is a comprehensive 10-page document with specific instructions outlining how to get from where you are now to your desired end-state through organic traffic growth. You can then implement this strategy on your own, work with us, or hire another firm to help you. This includes:

  • Competitive analysis: where do you stack up against your primary competitors, what are the gaps?
  • Content creation game plan: what content you should create to bring prospects of various stages of the buying process?
  • On-page SEO game plan: which keywords are you currently ranking well for and where could you do better? Where are competitors eating your lunch? How can you rank higher for the most impactful ones?
  • Link building game plan: how should you go about building links to improve your overall domain authority? What pages should you build links to, and how can you optimize anchor your anchor text ratios?

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