Case Study: How we brought our client a 1400% increase in organic traffic over 8 months using blogger outreach

Campaign Highlights

  • 1400% increase in organic search traffic
  • 25% increase in referring domains
  • 56 new links earned in 65 days
  • New links garnered had an average MOZ domain authority of 46, ranging from 30 to 86

Strategy: Guest Post Campaign Linking to Existing Content

This client wanted to use our guest post service, through which we would find good quality websites in relevant niches (renewable energy, energy policy, clean tech, green home, etc.), and write guest posts that contained natural, contextual links to other pieces of content that lived on the client's blog.

Interested in having us run a blogger outreach campaign for your website? Contact us today for a free quote! We have years of experience procuring contextual links for websites in a variety of industries.

Step 1: Assess Client's Existing Content

The first thing we did was to analyze existing content on the client's site to see what was "link worthy." Fortunately, this company already had a wealth of articles on their blog that were well written and informative! We decided on a few different pieces of content that we thought would work great for guest post outreach. 

If you don’t have very “linkable”content on your site, don’t worry! Our talented writers can help you create search optimized, engaging content for bloggers to link to.

Step 2: Research Link Targets

The next step before the actual blogger outreach was to make a list of hundreds of blogs and websites that we deemed a worthy fit for our client's content. These ranged from renewable energy blogs, to green home blogs, to online science magazines, to income saving blogs (after all, going solar helps people save on their energy costs!) We created a database and pulled all relevant information including MOZ Domain Authority, the types of content they like to write about, existing blog posts we could reference, and the contact information of the blog's editor.

Step 3: Pitch Content to Blogs & Websites

We then sent a personalized, automated message to each of those potential linkers we identified in the previous step. We have a proven blogger outreach messaging sequence we use for this that works extremely well! Our response rate is typically in the 45-55% range.

Here's a snapshot of the response rates we were able to garner on this guest post campaign:

Prospect link targets

Here's an example of a typical positive response from this outreach campaign:

Prospect link targets

The Results

There’s no question that high quality inbound links can make a positive impact on organic traffic, and your overall online revenue. Take a look at the results from a previous client below.

Organic traffic increased 14x in the 8 months since we started working with them:

    Wait for them to take effect

    Significant increase in total referring domains over a short time span:

    Wait for them to take effect

    Significant increase in # of keywords they rank for in Google over a short time frame:

    Wait for them to take effect

    Sample of blogs and websites we earned links from:

    Wait for them to take effect

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